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this was very neatly done, and for the retard that review before me, of course there was a bloody special program used. even flash is a special program.

meh, good movie.

all of your animations rule.

The style was awsome, every move was depicted perfectly...

meh.. and you probably already know that this is going on the front page eh?


How the hell did you think of all the content in this movie?
it was freakin hilarious, do the random thoughts just come to you....
This deserves an award..

meh... that sucked..

I understand how hard it is to make an fbf like that but you should have worked for longer, the frames were so jumpy, almost crispy.. like you.

Gate-keeper-girl responds:

I'm crispy?

Well. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but I think that this fbf has given me alot of animation experience. In Genocide episode 1 ( 99% done ), you can tell before ToT, and AFTER ToT. I consider this to be an eyeopener into how animation really works. About the jumpiness... You mean at the end? I got really bored with the project, so I decided to screw it and be lazy.

At least you understand how hard it is, but with onion skinning, I bet you could make something better ^___^


Ps: I hope you grow up to be a good flas animator ( If that's what you already aren't. )

that was crap.

Man, people have got to stop making pointless sprite movies with pointless and cheesy dialogue, and then submitting them. And since when did sonic and tails start using slang?

**cheesy dialogue only works with hentai movies**

ABANDONED responds:

First off, there is no point to ANYTHING in this world! And people who think there is I am glad for as they probly have a purpose in life.* Secondly, Sonic and Tails NEED to use slang! SEGA made them to kiddy! If you think the dialouge is cheesy then thats your problem, or should I say opinion.

*I hope you do not think I am an EMO as I am not. This is just the way I see things.

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